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What is Developmental Soccer?

Developmental Soccer is a level of soccer that exposes players at  Under- 9, Under-10, Under-11, and Under-12 divisions to an environment that focuses on skill development, game sense, and individual & team achievement.

Developmental soccer is not simply for players who demonstrate a high level of skill or talent.  It is intended for those players who have a passion for the game, are committed to practicing, and want to play in an environment that fosters skill development & achievement, rather than simply winning.  

How do I get on a Developmental team?

In order to be placed on a Developmental team, potential players must attend a tryout. Tryouts are held in February of each year to choose a maximum of three teams at each gender and age group. (42 players max) While a high level of talent and skill are not the only requirement to play Developmental soccer, it will be a calculated assessment in the evaluation process. Other indicators for placement on a team will be the athletes coach-ability, drive, and determination, as well as their commitment to always try their best for their team and for their personal development.

Tryout dates and times are posted on the Bonivital website each Fall.  Typically, players must pre-register for the tryout.  A fee is assessed for each tryout to cover the cost of facility and other administrative components.  For more information on upcoming tryouts, please stay tuned to this website.

What is the time commitment for Developmental Soccer?

The time commitment for Developmental soccer is greater than what would be expected for recreational soccer players.  Developmental players can expect to practice at least twice a week and play a game a week. That is a requirement of the Club. They will also be expected to participate in local tournaments as well as out-of-Province tournaments.  A high level of commitment is expected from developmental players.

The season for Developmental players will run from the first week of May (practices will likely late March/early April) through to the second week of July when they will break until after the August long weekend.  They then return for fall play until roughly the 1st of October.

What is the cost to play Developmental soccer?

The cost to play Developmental is roughly $500-$550 for outdoor and $550 for indoor.  This fee does not include a full kit (jersey, shorts, socks and a ball) for each player which is purchased seperately for approximately $150. Players will be expected to pay and/or fundraise for team travel expenses associated with tournaments. Special training sessions are sometimes scheduled as well that may be required for each team.



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