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Interesting soccer facts

Oldest player

He may have been an amateur but that does not make Tarcio Mariano de Rezendes exploits any less impressive. The Brazilian regularly turned out for his local team Goiandira sporting club and he's 85 years old,The oldest professional player to play was Salvador Reyes. He played at the age of 71 with Chivas of Mexico against Pumas of Mexico on January19 2008. He played for the first minute of the game touching the ball 5 times. He got substituted after all of that.


Oldest organized soccer clubs

Sheffield FC 1857 and 2nd Oldest Hallam FC  1860 (also from Sheffield) Hallam still play on their original ground, sandygate, which is officially recognized by the guiness book of records as "The Oldest Ground in the World". Sandygate is in western Sheffield. In 1860 Hallam first played Sheffield in a local derby which is still contested today. This 'Sheffield'  derby is considered the oldest contested derby (still going) of any football code, in the world. Therefore, it is probably one of the oldest organized team-sport derbies in the world,


World cup

  • The winners of the most world cups are Brazil with 5,
  • The most fans to watch a world cup match were 119,850 in Brazil 1950,
  • The least was 300 in Uruguay 1930
  • Carlos Caszely of Chile was the first player red carded in a World Cup tournament on June 14, 1974.
  • European Teams have reached the final of every World Cup except in 1930 and 1950
  • In 1950 India withdrew form the World Cup because FIFA refused to let their team play barefoot.
  • In 1954 Turkey knocked out Spain from during a World Cup qualifier by drawing straws. Blindfolded Italian boy Luigi Franco Gemma picked the straws to decide the winner.



In 1998 English referee Martin Sylvester sent himself off after punching a player during a game in the Andover and District Sunday League.

The refs whistle was introduced in 1878, prior to this the ref had to wave a handkerchief


Soccer at Xmas

It is alleged that British and German troops participated in a soccer match in no mans land on Xmas eve 1914 after an impromptu truce was settled on, The game said to have been about 30 a side on the frozen uneven mud in between the trenches lasted about 30 mins and was a 3-2 win to the Germans

Up until 1957 in England and 1971 in Scotland the professional teams played league games on Xmas day and Boxing day in front of reasonably large crowds. Hold the turkey we are going to the soccer.


Soccer or football

The only countries in the world that call football soccer are, yes you guessed it, USA and Canada.



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