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The Bonivital Soccer Club will be hosting tryouts for the Outdoor 2014 program in February. The purpose of the tryout process is to create teams that will encourage player development and conform to the WYSA LTPD model. Included below is important information pertaining to your child's tryout requirements, as it may be different based on their age.

Division      Birth Year
Under 9       2005
Under 10     2004
Under 11     2003
Under 12     2002
Under 13     2001
Under 14     2000
Under 15    1999
Under 16    1998
Under 18    1997-1996

If you are interested in being considered for placement onto a Developmental or Premier team, in the U9 - U18 divisions, you must register for tryouts within the age divisions listed above. New players who fall within the U15 - U18 divisions who are seeking consideration must also register and pay for tryouts.

REGISTRATIONFamilies are encouraged to pre-register. To pre-register, follow the Online Registration link in the top right hand corner of this page. Login with your account (first time, create new account) and click Registration.  

Pre-Registration Deadline: January 30, 2014, 12 PM (noon)

Registration Fees
Pre-Register: $15.00
Walk-up fee: $25.00

Attendance: While we understand families have commitments more than just soccer, every effort must be made to attend ALL tryouts that are scheduled for your child's age. Exceptional or compassionate circumstances may be taken into consideration if you cannot attend. Missed sessions may affect your child's placement on a team with the Bonivital Soccer Club. (ie. Illness, injury, family emergency)

Additional Sessions: Depending on the individual capacities of each division, additional sessions may be required to finalize the formation of teams. Team coaches may also choose to invite individual players to additional training sessions before a decision is rendered. Be prepared to make this commitment if it affects you.

General Tryout Policies

  • Tryouts are conducted by the Bonivital Technical Advisor, supported by the technical committee, as well as other qualified coaching staff
  • Parents are not permitted on the field or in the gym during tryouts
  • Teams competing for the MSA Cup may age advance selected players for the 2014 season
  • All players must wear appropriate footwear (indoor shoes only, no outside cleats), shin guards, and socks that cover the shin guards for the tryout.  Please also bring a labelled water bottle
  • All players will be issued with a number upon arrival at the tryout location. The numbers are important for ID purposes
  • Small sided games and skill practices will be used to evaluate players
  • Players will not be allowed to wear clothing that identify any other soccer organization, including (but not limited to) academies, provincial teams, and RDC/NDC
  • Players who do are not placed on a Bonivital team will be informed on/or before March 1, 2014.  Teams are split up evenly, once the teams are formed, there will be no changes made to them (ie. carpooling etc).

Parent Policy: The parents role at tryouts is limited. Following "check-in", the parents are expected to remain in their designated area, which is by design away from the players. This rule has been instituted in an effort to reduce player anxiety and allow players to better concentrate on demonstrating their skills. Should the behaviour of a parent interfere with the tryout process, he/she will be asked to leave the premises.

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