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Strength and Conditioning

BVSC Athletes are encourage to attend one of these two programs for their supplimental Strength and Conditioning needs. 

BVSC TEAMS - Can contact either program and request team training programs.


Click the logo for their website!

NOTE: these programs are pay for service programs and are not included in the player registration fees.





10% discount to program entry for any Bonivital athletes.  In addition, with our Injury Prevention study upon completion of study the individual will also get a 10% credit toward their next registration. So they could save 20% overall.



per session


program (16weeks)


program (24weeks)


2x per wk.







3x per wk.








Open House testing days are as follows: 

Sat 19 Nov 2016 12:30 PM 07:00 PM

Sat 26 Nov 2016 12:30 PM 07:00 PM

Sat 03 Dec 2016 12:30 PM 07:00 PM

Sat 10 Dec 2016 11:00 AM 07:00 PM

Sat 17 Dec 2016 12:00 PM 07:00 PM


By coming to the Open House, you will also have the option of volunteering for a research study. The purpose of the study is to see if a 4 month strength & conditioning program affects performance on tests that may identify athletes at greater risk of injury.

You do NOT have to join the Junior Bisons S & C program to be in the research study!!

You can just come to an Open House; and do NOT have to join Junior Bisons S & C or be in the research study.

If you are interested in coming to an Open House, volunteering for the study, or have any questions, have your parent contact Joanne Parsons, Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Therapy, University of Manitoba

at 787-1436 or




“ELITE Performance- Canada’s First Training Centre. Over 19 years of training Canada’s best athletes from the NFL, CFL, NHL, NCAA, CIS and Canada’s National Teams- we have trained more athletes in Manitoba than all other centres combined.

It is our Speed Coaching, Sport Psychology, Athletic Therapy, Physiotherapy, Athlete Mentoring and of course the success of our Strength and Conditioning that sets us apart from everyone else.  Each program is engineered for the individual by legendary strength and conditioning guru, Jeff Fisher and is guaranteed to provide unmatched results.


Honoring the fact that each athletes’ competitive life is limited…we promise to make the most out of your valuable time and effort.


Trust the professionals that the professional trust.



 August 2018 
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